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During the International Preparatory Course you can prepare for an English taught Bachelor programme at a Dutch university. The next Course starts at February 1st, 2018 and lasts for 5 months.

At the start of your preparatory programme we will kick off with an introduction. This informal session is full of fun activities that will help you to get to know the university, your lecturers, your classmates and the city of Utrecht.

For the remainder of the year you will have around 24 hours of classes per week plus additional self-study. Most of your time will be spent following courses for IELTS preparation. During IELTS courses and Business and Communication Skills sessions, you will focus on grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, writing and reading. The variety of teaching methods include lectures where the teacher works through theory with you and also games, projects and in-class-exercises.

The course Cultural Diversity will help you to better communicate in an international environment with people from different cultures. During the Study Skills course you will work individually and in small teams on real life projects. For a project you have to dive deeply into a certain topic and make recommendations for improvement. An example of such a project is that you could be advising the university on how they can help to make international students feel more at home in Utrecht.

There are also opportunities in this programme to find out which bachelor programme you want to follow in the coming year. You will get an introduction course in International Communication and Media and in International Business. During these courses you learn some of the basics about these programmes to find out which suits you best.

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