Social and Sustainable Business

Programme code:  MB-SUSBUS-SEM1 (fall)
Level  Year 3/4, Minor
Semester:   Fall 
Number of ECTS:  30 
Language of instruction:  English 


Businesses can do well for society and environment while being profitable. Entrepreneurs can solve social or environmental problems using market mechanisms. This is called sustainable venturing. Take for instance the company Valid Express, who earns revenue from courier services, while giving job opportunities to disabled citizens and using electric cars to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

We'll start the minor with a boot camp on an external location in which you will turn a sustainable business idea into a viable market concept. In the following weeks you will attend workshops, guest lectures, skill-building sessions and visit companies, to acquire state-of-the art knowledge on sustainable venturing. In the second part of the minor you will apply your skills and knowledge in a real-life project. You will work in a multidisciplinary team for an existing company that aims to solve either a social or an environmental problem while generating financial returns. You will work as a consultant for this company, for example helping them to develop a business model, a marketing concept, a sustainable supply chain concept, or to make their operations more sustainable. 

So if you want to learn how to use business practices to create value for society and environment - and immediately put it into practice, sign up for this minor! 

Entry requirements

  • Solid base on intermediate level in International Business Management
  • English B2

NB: If your English language ability proves to be insufficient to participate actively in (parts of) the courses you have chosen, we cannot be bound to the Learning Agreement, neither can we guarantee to offer you the required amount of Study load (EC’s). Teachers might request you to take a diagnostic test at the start of the course to check if your English language ability is sufficient to successfully participate in that specific course. In all cases it is up to the programme manager to decide if your English language ability is sufficient to be eligible for the programme/course. 

Course structure diagram 

Course unit title  Number of ECTS
Knowledge and tools 15
 Project  15


 J. Planko (


Please note that the programme reflects a (logical) bundle of courses/subjects (and should normally be followed as such); it is not possible to combine (two or more) programmes in one single period.

Course guide

Download the course guide.



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