Playful Design

Programme code:  JM-PD-16
Semester:   Fall
Number of ECTS:  30
Language of instruction:  English

Persuading your target group to buy a product, stop smoking, learn about history or show the world the complexity of the war in Syria is not easy. In recent years we have seen how gamification and games can help in motivating and persuading people to change their behavior, their attitude or learn something new. The problem is that designing a fun and playful experience using games and/or gamification is not that easy.

In this minor you will learn to design such experiences with a method called Design Thinking. You will learn theories on changing people’s attitude and behavior, theories on learning and last but not least theories on games, gamification and playful (game)design.

Key to designing is practice through prototyping. So you will be challenged to create playful prototypes and demo's. Finally you will put everything you have learned into practice in a project for a real client.

Entry requirements

None, it helps if you are fluent in English and have a knack for applied games/gamification, but there are no requirements.

Course structure diagram

Course unit title  Number of ECTS 
Playful Design (JM-PDPD-15)
Game Design (JM-PDGD-15)    
Prototyping (JM-PDPT-15)
Project (JM-PDPR-15)


Arno Wilkens (

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