Masterclass Strategic Marketing

Programme code: 
Semester:   Fall and Spring
Number of ECTS:  30 
Language of instruction:  English 

This minor is aimed at students who want to add a strategic marketing management “plus” to their existing higher educational marketing level. These competences are the starting point, and will be developed further and in more depth.

Profile of the programme

We focus on the management of strategic marketing issues, in order to offer students sufficient knowledge, proficiency and skills, a deeper insight into complex, unstructured strategic marketing issues. This minor aims at enhancing students’ ability to convert opportunities into successful commercial activities.

The backbone of this minor is a real-life marketing case team project for an existing SME company, in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce.

This minor utilizes state-of-art marketing literature, reports, recent articles from professional economic and management periodicals, extensive readers plus an interactive website. Business School cases, to be solved individually or as a team, plus regular guest lecturers and company visits further add a real-life sense to the minor’s courses. Assessment takes place by means of a variety of methods, e.g. individual and team portfolios.

After completion of the programme, students will have obtained the formal NIMA-B1 marketing certificate. They can opt to sit for the certified and accredited NIMA-B2 (European Marketing Confederation: Marketing Manager) or Fenedex (European Export Manager) exam, parallel to this programme.

Advanced, specialised programme in Strategic Marketing Management.

Entry requirements

  • English B2.
  • Solid foundation of intermediate level course(s) in Marketing Management.

Students will take a compulsory  pre-test  in marketing order to be allowed to participate in the programme.

    Course structure diagram

    Course unit title  Number of ECTS 
    Strategic Marketing – an academic approach
    Corporate Policy – Scenario Planning and Performance Management
    Management Issues of Internationalization, Innovation and Research
    Practical Implications – Nuts & Bolts    
    International Marketing /Exportplan portfolio


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