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Dragos Badau (Romania), International Business and Management Studies (Top class)

"IBMS provides real-life work experience"

Dragos Badou‘In this study programme you are required to conduct research or draw a marketing plan for real-life companies. So the pressure is on…  But it also provides real-life work experience. It is one of the things I really like about the programme: its practical focus on what goes on in the world of business.
The extra courses in the Top Class programme are an excellent preparation for a master – but also a great opportunity to get to know and work with other highly motivated students.
I like the flexibility of the programme as well. It can be adapted to whatever you are passionate about. The bottom line is: HU helps students to be proactive and supports them when it’s time to make decisions. As for me, I am still thinking about what to do next, but I’ll probably pursue a master degree.’

Jessica WhiteJessica White (United Kingdom) International Communication and Media

"Utrecht is my favourite city"

‘The best about the ICM-programme is the way it all fits together. In the first year I learnt new skills such as design, marketing and research skills. In the second and third year I got the chance to use those skills in real projects and during an internship. The final year has really been a test of everything I have done in the past three years.
Of all the cities in the Netherlands, Utrecht is my favourite. I've been here for 4 years and there's still so much to do and see! It really is a very lively student city where people are always open to make new friends. Also, Utrecht is very central located in the Netherlands and therefore everything is so close by that going away for a day is easy. You can visit almost every corner of the Netherlands… Or Germany, France and Belgium!’

Jianhao WangJianhao Wang (China), International Communication and Media

“Studying International Communication and Media at HU was the best choice of my life, because I am surrounded by people who share the same passion as me"

'Luckily, HU offers scholarships to motivated non-EU students. This way I could afford to study abroad. First I entered the International Foundation Year, which helped me improve my English skills, and after that I continued my bachelors.
During my studies, I  will do an internship, study abroad for a semester and choose a specialization. This means that I will have the chance to experience new things, meet new people and decide for my future profession. My ultimate goal is to work in the movies business.  
My favorite courses are the ones related to media: such as Video Editing and Magazine Design. In these courses I learn for example how to build a story line and it helps me prepare for my future profession as a film or TV series director.

Kristin Atmann (Germany), IBMS, specialisation International Marketing

Kristin Atmann"There is always someone to help with questions"

‘The programme allows me to work in an international environment on projects related to actual   companies. That is great for getting practical experience. And it is great fun! Also, by doing two internships we get a chance to experience working life and to figure out what we would like to do in  the future. I am honestly not sure what that will be for me, but I feel like applying my knowledge in the real world. I would like to work for a while first and continue to do my master programme later.
HU really supports its international students in getting their bearings. I appreciate that very much. There is always someone to help with questions about the study programme. And there are all sorts of social activities for us to take part in. It makes it even easier to feel at home in Utrecht!’

Shani EvuortShani Evuort (Austria), Teacher Education in English

“The atmosphere around school is nice and everyone is willing to help you"

'In my first year I already started an internship as part of my programme. Once a week I am teaching at secondary schools. If you love education and children, teaching is a wonderful thing to do. Sometimes it can be difficult to get the attention of all of the pupils but by practicing teaching since the first year, your skills as a lecturer will get better. I really enjoy this experience because I can start practicing my future profession since the beginning of my studies!
I also have the opportunity to do an internship in an English-speaking country for 10 weeks. I decided to go to New Zeeland, and beside improving my English skills, I would also like to explore the country when I am there.”

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Student testimonials

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