To determine whether you need to receive a temporary residence permit for study in the Netherlands will depend on your nationality and your nationality will also determine whether you need to apply for a combination; entry visa/temporary residence permit (TEV) or just the temporary residence permit (REF) to enter and remain in the Netherlands for your study period.

It is possible for these same nationality groups, to arrange a Short stay “tourist” visa however this is only applicable for a stay up to 90 days. EU/EEA/Swiss nationals do not need a residence permit however in some circumstances immigration registration procedures may apply.

At no time can you apply for or change your Dutch residence permit for study without the support of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU).  HU is a Dutch Immigration (IND) sponsor and is obliged to arrange this permit on your behalf under the strict conditions determined by the IND law (MoMi).

General information concerning the conditions, requirements and options for International students is to be found in Pathfinder. Use the Pathfinder wizard to find out if you need a student visa or permit. The outcome of the wizard will show the procedures for obtaining a visitor visa specifically for your specific country.

Further documents explaining the HU procedures and forms (HU and IND) necessary for your visa application are provided below for you to read and download for completion. Read the information carefully before you start your application and make sure you download the correct forms for your nationality group and type of study. An incorrect application will cause a delay and could jeopardize your chance to start your study for the intended period.

HU Deadline dates

To ensure your Dutch visa/residence permit is issued in time for your study period and to make sure your enrolment is finalized on time we are obliged to keep very strict deadlines. All documents for the procedure concerned must be received by the International Office before the mentioned deadline. When fees are concerned it is very important we receive your (final) payment before the applicable deadline.

Temporary residence permit (REF)

  • 15th of July for September begin
  • 1st of December for February begin

Provisional entry (combination) visa and permit (TEV)

  • 15th of June for September begin
  • 1st of December for February begin

Transfer or Change of valid Dutch residence permit

  • 1st of August for September begin
  • 1st of December for February begin

More information

More Information

Check the FAQ or contact us.

Personalized info

Use the Pathfinder wizard to find out which visa or permit procedure is applicable in your situation. In the wizard you can also see which other preparations you need to make if you decide to study at HU University of Applied Sciences and when.

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