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Rosalie Basalamah

Rosalie Basalamah is an Indonesian student who did a preparatory course at HU and is now studying International Communication and Media.

“I look back at the Preparatory course in a very positive way. Most of the classes are English courses where we are able to improve our English skills through daily presentations and assignments. We also got the opportunity to develop other important skills such as communication, presentation, and report writing skills. The classroom activities have helped me to boost my confident, as I was really struggling with public speaking before.

After I finished the Preparatory course, I decided to study International Communication and Media at HU. It was one of the best decisions i have ever made! I have so much fun and have gained so many valuable experiences here. I met many amazing people from around the world, which has made me more open minded.

I like studying in Holland. Dutch people are so friendly and the most important thing is that they speak English really good so you don’t worry if you can’t speak Dutch.

Utrecht is one of the best cities in the Netherlands where there are many museums, shops, restaurants and clubs/bars by the canal. The city center is not so big so you can just walk or get around by bike. The student life in Utrecht is so exciting, there are a lot of great events for international students.

All in all, living in Holland has changed the way I look at things, it has been an amazing journey!

Kevin Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen (Vietnam) is studying International Business and Management Studies at HU. Before he enrolled for IBMS he attended the International Foundation Year at HU.

“It all started since the moment I stepped foot into the country of dreams and freedom – the Netherlands. This decision was the largest turning point of my life. I could never imagine studying in one of the most developed Western countries where I could fully develop myself as a person and gain knowledge through the finest educational system. The Netherlands has offered me a great opportunity not only to challenge myself in merely encountering new things, but also to see the world from multiple perspectives.

The Foundation Program truly allowed me to bring my English knowledge a big step forward. Not only did it help to improve my skills so that I succeeded my IELTS test, but also it enabled me to get myself ready for my bachelor. Thanks to the fact that this programme also offered many courses which were essentially related to my bachelor. I also gained many international friends during this year.

Currently I am in the third year IBMS. Things have gone unexpectedly well. I succeeded the first year with the Propaedeutic diploma and I have also obtained full credits for my second and third year, which makes me feel happy and proud every day. Now I am doing my exchange study overseas in South Korea, the best destination that I could ever choose!

To future students I would like to quote Mark Twain – “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”


Patricia Sitompul

“Patricia Sitompul (Indonesia) Foundation Year ‘’I like the excursions we go to as a class since it brings a lot of variety in the course content and is a lot of fun. I also like the fact that we are in a way forced to speak in English since it improves the speaking skills much faster. I think the best part of the programme is the class size and the variety of students from different cultures. The class is quite small so we get a lot of individual guidance and it is easier to meet people from other cultures. I originally wanted to go to the United States, but my parents wanted me to be safe and we have some relatives living here which is why I came here. I have to say that I like the culture and atmosphere a lot. The people are very friendly and helpful to foreigners.’’


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