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Would you like to start with a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme at a university in The Netherlands? But is your level of English not sufficient yet? We offer you a solution!

Improve your English and study skills in one of the intensive international preparatory programmes at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. These programmes have been designed for international students who are qualified to participate in an academic course, but who do not yet have the necessary English skills to start with an undergraduate degree programme.

The programmes consist of approximately 24 contact hours per week. Students will get many hours of English lessons, focusing on vocabulary, grammar, speaking, writing, listening and reading skills. Besides the English lessons students will be trained in computer and study skills, including topics such as time management, working in teams, intercultural communication and project management.

After successful completion of a preparatory programme you may expect to obtain an IELTS score of at least 6. With this score you will be able to apply for an English Bachelor’s programme in The Netherlands.

During the preparatory programmes you will be (individually) coached by highly qualified tutors and senior students. They will focus on your personal development and show you how to encounter the Dutch. Excursions in The Netherlands are included as well, intended to further broaden your knowledge and understanding of the Dutch culture. For example, you will visit a cheese farm or the famous flower auction.

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