Student testimonials

Yosei Ota, Exchange student from Japan

Youssei Ota"It was a great experience for me"

"The people in the Netherlands are gentle and very helpful, but also direct. The relationships between students and lecturers are close. You can always ask them for advice, that is different from Japan. Dutch people get around with the bicycle a lot. I love bicycles. In Japan you don't see a lot of bikes, that's why I want to bring one back home with me.

I had a great time studying with my fellow students. They all come from different cultures. Working with them opens your eyes and gives you a broader view on the world. For my programme I had to do research in Poland, that was a great experience for me."


Katja Vogt, European Culture and European Journalism student from Germany

"I liked their open mind and honesty"
"We had a very international group with people from various nationalities. The programme offered a good mix of theory and practice. We talked about a whole slew of different topics, such as the Islamic religion, Nietzsche's influence in the contemporary world, Van Gogh's "Starry Night" and Dutch culture.
We had to travel for two weeks on our own in a European city and put together a report on an aspect of European culture. That was an interesting learning experience for me. The Dutch are intelligent, independent and practical. I liked their open mind and honesty.'"

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