Language requirements

As studying at HU (and in The Netherlands in general) requires interactive skills of all students, a sufficient level of academic English is a condition for academic success in the English-taught courses and programmes.

In order to optimize your chances for academic success while studying at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, we expect a general overall score of B2 or higher (Common European Framework). A minimum level of B2 will be necessary in order to make the most of your study period at HU. Some programmes might also require a higher level than B2. In the list with our programme offer for Fall semester and Spring semester, you can view the required level for each programme as well as documentation to submit (if needed).

A number of HU exchange programmes require you to submit a proof of your English level, such as an official TOEFL/IELTS test or a recommendation letter from your home university’s coordinator or English teacher. Other programmes do not require a proof of your English level, however it is strongly advised that you test your level before coming to Utrecht and take initiative to improve your level to B2 if needed (see below).

How to test your level of English

If you are coming to Utrecht as an Erasmus+ student, you will have the opportunity to test your level of English with the Erasmus+ Online Language Assessment. You should receive an invitation from your home university’s coordinator when you apply for the Erasmus+ grant.

If you are not an Erasmus+ student, there are online options to test your level of English, see below. Note that these are not official tests, they are just to provide you with an indication of your level.

How to improve your level of English

If you have scored B1 in one of the tests, we strongly advise you to contact the Language Centre at your home university to take additional courses in academic English prior to your stay with us or to take a course with HU in Utrecht prior to the start of the academic year with our Summer School.

There are also several online opportunities to work on your English language skills through websites such as:

During your study at HU you also have the chance of following courses on English language from the HU Centre of Language and Culture (CLC).

Applicants scoring A2 or lower do not meet the language requirements and will need to reconsider their destination of choice as we foresee serious trouble in achieving academic success at HU.

Dutch Language

Even though many people in the Netherlands speak English and you will not need it for your study programme, we highly recommend that you learn Dutch while you are living in the Netherlands. This will surely enhance your experience and contribute to your pleasant stay in the country! HU offers different courses in Dutch for Beginners. The focus of these courses is on communication for everyday purposes and on getting you acquainted with the Dutch and their culture. You will receive more information after your arrival in the Netherlands.

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