International Health Studies

Programme code:  GKO-IHS-15  
Semester:   Fall and Spring 
Number of ECTS:  30 
Language of instruction:  English 

Profile of the programme

The minor International Health Studies, is a 20 week minor. The objective of the minor is that students, through development of intercultural awareness, and intercultural communication skills, become professional caretakers whom can proof and apply the knowledge gathered throughout the minor. They develop intercultural skills by applying intercultural (health care)models, interacting effectively with people of different cultures and understand culture specific concepts of perception thinking feeling and acting. In collaboration with the IHS team students actively look for internship possibilities themselves. All internship places will be screened. The different departments of the FG determine if a place for internship is acceptable or not. Students must have an internship place at the start of the minor. The minor is offered in a block structure. All students of the Faculty of Health Care are welcome. Students studying a Health Care related topic at other Universities of applied sciences (national and international) are also welcome to join, but we kindly request to contact the coordinator before applying. The minor will be offered twice a year. Block A/B starts at the end of August 2016, for the Fall semester and at the end of  January 2017 for the Spring semester.
The minor will start with a theoretical part of 6 weeks. Then the student will leave for a project or traineeship / experience for 10 weeks (students should have at least 40 days of project work), followed by a 4 week theoretical closing period. This makes in total 20 weeks. For incoming foreign student, it is possible to do an internship in the Netherlands. But they also have the opportunity to find an internship place abroad (not in the country of their own university). Lessons will take place during the week from Monday till Friday.

The minor is divided in 2 parts. Part one is called Aware and Prepare. It consists of lectures, tutorials and  assignments. The student makes a portfolio, a personal development plan (PDP) and gives presentations. Part two is called Home Sweet Home. It consists of lectures and workshops, and a presentation. The students adds to the  portfolio, a PDP and write a final report  of the internship/traineeship/project. For foreign students it is also possible to follow only part 1, for 15 ECTS.

International students

For international students we are able to offer a 15 EC course of 10 weeks. Due to difficulties in offering an internship placement in the Netherlands it is challenging to do the 20 week course. We can enlarge this 10 week course to 13 weeks, in case of an Erasmus-scholarship. If students are able to find an internship/traineeship/project place themselves (this also can be abroad but not in the home country), we can discuss about applying for the 30 ECTS minor.

The student must be a legal student of a HU-partner university. The course is offered in the English language only. Students are required to write a motivational letter in order to determine if they can take part in the minor. All assignments have to be carried out in the English language. Therefore students should be able to write and speak English quiet fluently.

Registering is only possible after consultation with the course director; Edwin Hagenbeek.

Entry requirements

  • Undergraduate students of nursing, BMH, MiZ, physiotherapy*, Cesartherapy, skintherapy, dental hygiene, optometry, ortoptics, speech-therapy, applied farmacology,
  • All student must have the propedeuse.
  • English at B2 level
    * The numbers are fixed and connected to availability of internship places.

Course structure diagram

Course unit title  Number of ECTS 
GKO-IHS1: Assignment 1: Healthcare systems and Culture  
GKO-IHS1: Assignment 2:Theory and plan of approach   
GKO-IHS1: Assignment 3: Personal elements and reflection  
GKO-IHS2: Assignment 4: Services and products  
GKO-HIS2: Assignment 5: Theoretical and professional comparison 
GKO-IHS2: Assignment 6: Logbook and reflections 


Edwin Hagenbeek (

More information

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