Digital Audio & Visual Design

Programme code:  JM-DAVD1E-18 and JM-DAVD2E-18
Semester:   Spring
Number of ECTS:  30 
Language of instruction:  English

The minor Digital Audio & Visual Design trains young professionals who develop, and possibly apply, concepts for the production of sound and visuals within an (crossmedia / transmedia/ interactive) story. In the field of audio, this can vary from the design of sounds to a total sound design (audio branding) or a sound composition or production for video. Visual works with video and reflects on the use of the creative potential of new technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, artificial intelligence and interactive media. Within the minor, attention is also paid to World Building; a narrative environment in which the design of a world precedes telling a digital story..

What are you going to do?

The minor consists of two periods of ten weeks. The first period will be partly theoretical in nature, you will deepen in the possibilities of audio design, VR, AR and World Building. You develop an (crossmedia / transmedia/ interactive) concept for an audiovisual production. You also learn how to work and produce with various software programs. The second period will be production an co-creation time. You will shape your concept and produce it if possible. Ultimately, we will present all concepts and/or productions on location and publish on the internet.

For whom?

The minor is aimed at all students who come into contact with digital media, film and video and electronic music within their professional perspective. You also have a fascination for image, storytelling, music and sound. You want to combine all this with new technologies and applications. You are original and creative, you have your own idea and an opinion about the use of visual and audio. You can also work well together in a project team.

Course structure diagram 

Course unit title  Number of ECTS
DAVD1:  Basics of Audio and Video in Designing Media
2 x 5
DAVD2: Composing and Designing (applying the basic knowledge in assignments) and understanding new media (trends, technology, AR, VR) 2 x 5
DAVDP: Project Digital Audio & Visual Design 10


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