Criminal Justice Work

Programme code: AIV-MCJW-16
Semester:   Spring
Number of ECTS: 30
Language of instruction:  English 

Profile of the programme

Crime is all over the world and has no borders. Well known examples are international terrorism or organized crime. But it can also be seen in petty crimes like possession of cannabis for personal use, smuggling fireworks or downloading music. 

They’re all transnational and it forces law enforcement from different countries to work together. The police, policy makers, paralegals and social workers, they all play a part in either enforcing the law, crime prevention, upholding legal procedures, probation and reduction of the reoffending rate. Globalization requires a globally-minded view of professionals working in the field of criminal justice. However, each country has a different law enforcement culture.

Their national values and norms are part of their respective definitions of and dealings with crime. Typical ‘Dutch’, ‘German’, ‘Australian’, ‘British’, ‘Romanian’ or other ways of crime fighting, forces professionals to adjust their approaches once they are confronted with trans national crime. You have to understand the perspective of your colleagues abroad in order to cooperate with them.

Further Information

This programme offers students a virtual journey through culturally diverse legal, governmental and social views on crime control and prevention. The programme consists of six courses offered during the second semester from February till July (30 EC). 

The classes and lectures are truly international, with students from all over the world. It will focus on current developments in this field. Assignments and lectures have a practical approach and are developed in co-creation with practitioners in the field. 

Examination of the courses will normally be written individual assignments or exams. In some courses students are required to give an oral group presentation. 

Entry requirements

None, if high B2 level of English on the CEF scale has already been attained. Contact the coordinator if you have any questions.

Course structure diagram

Period Course unit title Number of ECTS
C (Feb - April 2018) Cultural criminology
C (Feb - April 2018) Criminal Law in European context
C (Feb - April 2018) Public management of security
D (April - July 2018) Strengthening social capital and social network 5
D (April - July 2018) Effective probation in European context 5
D (April - July 2018) Working Alliance 5


Institute for Applied Safety and Security Studies

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