Teacher Training

Programme code:  OA-TEACHERTR 
Semester:   Fall
Number of ECTS:  30 
Language of instruction:  English 

Profile of the programme

This learning route focusses on the professional development of student teachers. There are eight modules (5 credits each) on offer in a blended learning environment. Students need to complete at least 6 modules to gain 30 credits.

Entry requirements

  • English at B2 level

Course structure diagram

Course unit title  Number of ECTS 
OAEN-POUTLO-12 Outlooks on Education
Period B
OAR-HEDU1-16 Education 1: Teaching in secondary school and vocational education
Period A  
OAR-HEDU2-16 Education 2: Adolescent development
Period A
OAR-HEDU3-16 Education 3: Learning at school
Period B
OAR-HEDU4-16 Education 4: The teacher as Pedagogue
Period A
OAR-HEDU5-16 Education 5: Working with diversity
Period A
OAR-HEDU6-16 Education 6: Diversity: language and culture
Period B
OAR-HEDU7-16 Education 7: the teacher as counsellor
Period B 


Carina Janse (carina.janse@hu.nl)

More information

Download the course guide:

Teaching in secondary school and vocational education
Adolescent development
Learning at school
The teacher as Pedagogue
Working with diversity
Diversity: language and culture
The teacher as counsellor