Communicating Sustainable Development

Programme code:  CB-JM/CS 
Semester:   Fall -The semester consists of periods A (Sept-Oct ) and B (Nov-Jan), each of 10 weeks. Course duration is 1 period
Number of ECTS:  30 ECTS - Credit division: 3 courses (15 ects) in period A and 3 courses (15 ects) in period B
Language of instruction:  English 

Profile of the programme

Sustainability: Communicating Sustainable Development consists of 6 independent courses listed below. Please make your selection just after having read the the course description.

This program can be chosen either as a whole package of 30 ect`s or its individual courses can be combined with other courses of Creative Business and /or Media Psychology.

Entry requirements

  • Background in or knowledge of corporate communication 
  • High level of English

Course structure diagram

Course code
Course unit title  Period  Number of ECTS 
JM-CSCSR-16 Sustainability, CSR, and CSV  A 5
JM-CSEVO-16 Evolution of Sustainability  A 5
JM-CSCRAS-16 Crafting a Strategy  A 5
JM-CSSEC-16 Stakeholder Engagement and Communication  B 5
JM-CSGLIS-16 Global Issues  B 5
JM-CSIAC-16 Implementation in Communication  B 5


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