Media Psychology

Programme code:  CB-JM/MP 
Semester:   Fall
Number of ECTS:  30 
Language of instruction:  English 

Profile of the programme

Media Psychology consists of 6 independent courses listed below. Please make your selection just after having read the course description
Media Psychology can be chosen either as a whole package of 30 ect`s or its individual courses can be combined with other courses of Creative Business  and/or Sustainability.  

Program Overview

Media psychology aims to explain how the media and the growing use of technology impacts on how people perceive, interpret, respond, and interact in a media rich world. The purpose of this course is to expose a student to the fascinating and in many instances addictive media environment, which changes constantly. The course deals with topics such as psychological media effects, mass persuasion, news framing and the psychology of news influence and, needless to say, social media and the Internet.
Teaching format and methods: lectures, tutorials and group tasks and assignments.

Entry requirements

  • The academic level of this program is high.
  • There is a strong theoretical base to all courses.
  • The requested level of English language is therefore preferably C2 

Course structure diagram

Course code
Course unit title  Period  Number of ECTS 
JM-MASSMEDIA-13  Mass media and mass persuasion 
JM-MPCPM-15  Cognitive psychology of the media
JM-PSYCHEFF-13  Psychological effects of media
JM-CBPSY-17 Cyberpsychology
JM-MPPNF-15  Psychology of news framing
JM-MPPSM-15  Psychology of social media


Ms. D. Licina, Coordinator of International Relations & International Student Mobility

Dragana Licina / (

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