International Pharmaceutical Studies

Programme code:  GKO-IPS-13  
Semester:   Fall 
Number of ECTS:  30 
Language of instruction:  English 

Profile of the programme

The minor International Pharmaceutical Studies (IPS) is a voluntary (profiling) course in English. It is a one-semester ( 2 blocks) minor aimed at understanding business aspects and drug development processes within pharmaceutical industry.

The first part of the minor IPS (block A, 15 EC) is devoted to obtaining an overview of pharmaceutical businesses across the world and defining recent movements and trends in this area. Further, the preclinical drug development process is studied, eg. searching drug targets, chemical development, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, toxicology and pharmaceutical dosage forms. 
The second part of this minor (block B, 15 EC) encompasses clinical drug development, international clinical studies, as well as clinical trial management (protocol design, implementation and evaluation), taking into account various ethical considerations on testing in human beings. After all (pre-)clinical testing the drug can be registered to get a license for marketing. A health economic assessment will be performed to see if the drug is eligible for reimbursement. Finally the drug reaches the patient.

After completing this minor, graduates will have a basic understanding of the international (innovative) pharmaceutical industry and they will receive a special notification on their diploma. A first step towards a career in pharmaceutical industry.

Entry requirements

Sufficient command of the English language (oral + written) at HAVO level. Knowledge of biology, pathology and pharmacology.
This minor is particularly suited for those students who aim for an internship and/or a career in pharmaceutical industry, or who are interested in qualifying for clinical research positions. The minor is suitable for students from Farmakunde, Health Care or Life Sciences. The minor IPS is open for fulltime as well as part-time students.

Course structure diagram

Course unit title  Number of ECTS 
Minor IPS Block A: Pharmaceutical Industry & Preclinical Drug Development   15 
Minor IPS Block B: Clinical Drug Development, Registration & Marketing   15 


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