Creative Business

Programme code:  CB-SEM1 
Semester:   Fall / The semester consists of periods A (Sept-Oct ) and B (Nov-Jan), each of 10 weeks. Course duration is 1 period
Number of ECTS:  30 / Credit division: 3 courses (15 ects) in period A and 3 courses (15 ects) in period B
Language of instruction:  English 


Creative Business (CB) is a state-of-the-art degree program focusing on the latest developments in international marketing, media and communication, that equips its students with a blend of professional skills highly desired by employers in creative industries. We offer a solid grounding in marketing, communication, media and business theory, plus the ability to apply this knowledge to real-life cases from international creative business.

CB`s academic offer to visiting students

Unique at CB is the freedom of choice of our exchange students to compose their own appealing study package of 30 ECTS (out of 210 that we offer to them). CB`s  offer to its exchange students is three-fold: 

  • regular curriculum of “Creative Business”- the courses are listed below; please see the course description.
  • program “Media Psychology”, as a whole or to combine with Creative Business and/ or Sustainability 
  • program “Sustainability”, as a whole or to combine with Creative Business and/ or Media Psychology

The character of CB

From day one you work in cross-cultural international teams of students, on cross-border projects.

Being allowed to attend any of the courses in all our classes and study years, visiting students become part of CB by working together with our regular students. CB`s regular students come from all over the world: China, Bulgaria, USA, Qatar, Germany, Spain, Ghana, Canada, UK, Brazil, France, South Korea, Russia, Mexico, The Netherlands etc. Our lecturers are as international as our students and CB is known for its friendly, easy- going atmosphere and excellent student-lecturers relations.

Please find the list of the CB courses below, but make your choice just after you have looked into a course description.

Entry requirements

  • English: B2
  • Prerequisite knowledge: indicated within the course description when applicable
Course unit code
Course title  Number of ECTS 
 A or B JIC-PROCOM.1V-16 Principles of Communication
1  A or B JIC-DMD.1V-16 Digital Media Design 5
1  A or B JIC-HUMA.1V-16 Humanities
1  A or B JIC-MARPR.1V-16 Marketing Principles
1  A + B JIC-PRLICM.1V-16 Professional Landscape - duration is the whole semester
1  A + B JF-CREA.EN Professional Presentation - duration is the whole semester
2  A JIC-INCRBU.2V-17 International Creative Business 5
2  A JIC-ECHT.2V-17 Technology 5
2  A JIC-CRMEFU.2V-17 Cross Media Fundamentals 5
2  B JIC-ENTREP.2V-17 Entrepreneurship 5
2  B JIC-HUCEDE.2V-17 Human Centered Design 5
 B JIC-INCUCO.2V-17 Intercultural Communication 5
3   The 3rd study year consists of minors, exchange program and internships, no courses
4  A JIC-DSTAP.3V-14
Digital Storytelling Theory & Practice
4  A JIC-MS.3V-14 Media Specialisation  (faze 1 of a project)
4  A JIC-DSP.3V-14 Digital Storytelling in Practice
4  A JIC-COMAR.3V-14 Content Marketing
4  A JIC.BRAMA3V-14 Brand Management
4  A JIC-PRLAP.3V-15 Product Launch and Promotion
4  A JIC-INCOM.3V-14 
Integrated Communication Management

Integrated Communication Plan
 A JIC-COMAS.3V-14 Communication Management Skills 5
4  B
JIC-METAA.3V-14 Media Trends and Analysis
4  B JIC-PRDAL.3V-15 Project Design and Launch  (faze 2 of a project) 
4  B  JIC-EMAPR.3V-14 
E- marketing principles

Project E- marketing
Communication Consulting

Communication Consulting Agency
4  B JIC-APPRE.3V-14, 
MAR, or COM, or MED
Applied Research, advanced course
from within: Marketing, or Communication or Media


Ms. D.Licina, Coordinator of International Relations & International Student Mobility

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Creative Business