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HU is constantly developing the number of courses which are offered in English. Every year we publish our new offer of programmes at the beginning of March. Some programmes start in the first semester (September - January), others start in the second semester (February - June). Our semesters are divided in blocks of each 10 weeks (Fall semester in block A + B and Spring semester in block C + D). Per semester you can choose one programme of 30 ECTS (20 weeks).

Here you can find an overview of our exchange programmes that are offered in the first semester. For the semester dates, please refer to our Academic Calendar 2018-2019.

Fall 2018

Theme  Course code  EC  
Communication Management     
International Commercial Communications  JCM-ICC1-11   30 EC  
Communication and Media Design     
Brand Design    30 EC 
Creative Business (formerly International Communication & Media)     
Creative Business  CB-SEM1  30 EC 
Media Psychology  CB-JP/MP  30 EC 
Communicating sustainable development  CB-JM/CS  30 EC 
Economics and Management   
Globalizing Business  MB-GLOB-SEM1 30 EC
International Advertising  MC-INTERADV-08-SEM1 30 EC
International Business Management 3
International Business Management 4 BA-Y4-SEM1  30 EC 
Business for Emerging Markets MB-EMERG-SEM1 30 EC
International Business Skills MC-INTBUSK-17 30 EC
International Finance 3 IF3-SEM1 30 EC
International Finance 4  IF4-SEM2  30 EC 
International Marketing Management 3 IMM3-SEM1 30 EC
International Marketing Management 4  IMM4-SEM1  30 EC 
International Marketing & Communication IBL-Y2-SEM1 30 EC
Leisure & Event Marketing MC-LEISURE-14 30 EC 
Music Marketing Management MC-MUSICMARK-11-SEM1 30 EC
Elective Dutch Beginners Dutch Beginners A1 5 EC
Elective Dutch Intensive
Dutch Intensive A2 (fall and spring) 5 EC
Elective Intercultural Management  ICM-IBM-SEM1 (fall and spring) 5 EC
Masterclass Strategic Marketing
Sport & Entertainment Marketing MC-SEMMARK-14  30 EC
Sports Management  MC-SPORTMAN-18  30 EC 
American Studies in Advanced English
30 EC
English Language and Culture  OA-MINTCENG-16  30 EC 
Internationalise your classroom OA-MININTDIV-15  30 EC 
Teacher Training  OA-TEACHERTR  30 EC 
Health Care     
International Health Studies  GKO-IHS-15  30 EC 
International Pharmaceutical Studies  GKO-IPS-13 30 EC 

30 EC
CampusDoc International
Europe in the World  JJO-EURWRLDNL-13 and JJO-EURWRLDDK-13  60 EC 
Journalism for Dutch speakers Different codes available  30 EC
Law in Europe  ADR-MINOR-10-09 30 EC
Event Crowd Management (This minor is only
available in Dutch) 
AIV-MECM-12  30 EC 
Social Work    
International Development Work ASW-MINSOC-17 30 EC
Co-Design Studio TIED-MWCDS-15 30 EC
Smart Sustainable Cities
30 EC
Smart Devices & Apps TICT-MSDA 30 EC



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