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Do you want to become a problem solver and develop into a valuable colleague, a savvy businessperson and a truly global citizen? BBA International Business (IB) is our new four-year (or three-year fast track) undergraduate programme for the global business professionals of the future. It is a full-time study, taught entirely in English.

We offer you a practically oriented, academically rigorous programme that caters to your interests and helps you to fulfil your ambition. As well as gaining the essential experience, skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the global business arena, you also learn how to ensure that society benefits from your activities, too.

In interdisciplinary projects, individual assignments, work placements and your study abroad, we help you to make choices, to home in on your specific areas of interest. Our focus on sustainability, digital skills, interdisciplinary working and intercultural development will make you an asset to any internationally oriented employer.

At the end of the programme you earn a solid, internationally recognised degree. But even more importantly, you have an authentic, compelling story to tell. A story that will get you hired!

If you are attracted by international business and motivated to put in the work needed to earn your place in that professional world, IB is a good choice for you.

What to expect

IB is a state-of-the-art degree programme designed in close cooperation with the international business community. It provides a strong foundation in all the skills you need in today’s international business arena: marketing and sales, finance and accounting, operations and supply chain management, organisation and people. Plus some distinctive features to give you an edge in your future career, such as a strong emphasis on sustainable business (in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals), building essential digital business skills and the interdisciplinary and intercultural aspects of the modern professional world.

We take an innovative approach to learning. Instead of a series of traditional courses, you are immersed in two twenty-week “themes” per academic year. These cover all aspects of International Business in a comprehensive fashion that very much resembles a real-life business situation.

What makes IB really stand out from other business degrees, though, is the route you take throughout your studies. Rather than offering a few traditional one-size-fits-all specialisations, we give you the opportunity to pursue your individual dreams and ambitions. And, as finding out what those are can be quite a challenge, we support you all the way. We have designed this programme not as a fixed blueprint, but as a roadmap with our teaching staff acting as your guides.

In addition, you can choose between the regular four-year programme and the ambitious three-year fast-track version. And our optional Advanced Business Communications (ABC) track gives you the opportunity to achieve fluency in a second language (French, German, Spanish or Dutch).

Our students

As this is a brand-new programme, offered for the first time in the 2018-2019 academic year, we do not yet have a firm profile of our students. Based on experience from IB’s predecessor programmes, however, we expect them to have an average age of 20 and a gender ratio of approximately 60 per cent male to 40 per cent female, with a significant percentage from countries other than the Netherlands. 

Our tutors

About half of our teaching staff have their origins outside the Netherlands. In fact, they literally come from all five continents. Nationalities represented include American, German, Argentinian, Jamaican, South African, Malaysian, Australian, British, Slovakian, Korean, Canadian and Spanish. Their CVs reveal a wide variety of profiles too, from experienced academics with a strong research background to seasoned business professionals from a variety of industries and positions.

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht ensures that, as well as being skilled and trained educators, all its tutors are able coaches and supervisors so that they can fully support students on their learning journey.

Student Service Desk

Opening hours: 09:30-16:30
Phone: +31 88 481 81 81
Twitter: @HU_Utrecht


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