Creative Business

(Formerly International Communication and Media)

Is the programme right for me?

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Creative Business offers a unique combination of benefits.

  •  A state-of-the-art international Bachelor’s degree programme taught entirely in English.
  • Top-class international lecturers from different countries and backgrounds, with plenty of hands-on experience in the creative industries, in such fields as advertising, marketing, design, film, publishing and lifestyle.
  • Fellow students from different backgrounds and nationalities.
  • Teaching material featuring real-life cases from the international creative industry and other sectors.
  • A programme that adapts constantly to the latest market developments and employer requirements in terms of entrepreneurship, creativity, technology, globalisation and so on.
  • Blended learning: a combination of online and face-to-face learning.
  • Work in learning teams to accommodate personalised learning.
  • Last but not least: Utrecht – one of the best Dutch cities to study and live in. For more information, see Why would you choose HU?  

The Creative Business programme prepares you for the careers of the future. Our aim is to train you to be a multidisciplinary, forward-thinking and reflective international creative professional with entrepreneurial skills. An all-round expert with a competitive and unique personal brand.

Making the most of Creative Business

For young professionals in the creative industries, the ability to work in multidisciplinary international teams is a vital skill. Learning teams reflecting this situation are therefore at the heart of this programme’s study process. These are small groups of students who learn together to build their subject knowledge collectively as well as individually. This approach also accommodates various kinds of personalised learning.
Our lecturers and coaches help you learn to collaborate with other students and staff – both face to face and virtually – as you develop your own skills. As a student this takes initiative, creativity and commitment. 

Our students

We welcome students who are creative, active, open-minded, forward-thinking, curious, critical and flexible, with good social and analytical skills, an entrepreneurial attitude and proficiency in English. If this sounds like you, then you are likely to enjoy and succeed in this programme! In their spare time, many students gain work experience in their field of interest and some even start their own businesses .
The average age of students joining this full-time Bachelor’s degree programme is 19. Approximately 20 per cent are male, 80 per cent female. And about 45 per cent are international students, 55 per cent Dutch.

Learning and support

We teach you how to be successful in the international creative industry. Our main goal is to unlock your commercial potential through creative thinking and collaboration. This means we pay plenty of attention to both your personal branding and your personal development.
You learn how to study effectively by working in groups on assignments drawn from real industry practice, supervised by a lecturer. Interacting with fellow students and others, you also improve the professional and social skills essential to your future career.

During the first year of your higher education, especially, the transition to a different type of institution and possibly a different language, culture and country can be difficult. So during that year you are allocated a study coach who assists you in learning to work independently and plan your studies, and is always prepared to listen or have a chat. 
The first year begins with a short introductory period. Although optional, this is an excellent way meet your fellow students, discover your new home and begin your studies with some fun.
There is also a buddy system for overseas students in need of some additional support. This is an opportunity to make contact with other students and find your way around Utrecht and the Netherlands. In addition, if required we can provide assistance in developing your study skills during the first year. 

Student Service Desk

Opening hours: 09:30-16:30
Phone: +31 88 481 81 81
Twitter: @HU_Utrecht


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