Creative Business

(Formerly International Communication and Media)

Career prospects

Our graduates have excellent career opportunities in communications, marketing, media and the creative industries. You typically begin in an entry-level position, but soon progress into more strategic or managerial roles. Jobs you can expect to qualify for include…

  • Online and social media marketer
  • Online experience manager
  • Brand strategist
  • Media planner
  • Designer
  • Multimedia editor
  • Media manager
  • Content manager
  • SEO specialist
  • Social media consultant
  • Social media manager
  • Communications manager
  • PR consultant
  • Corporate communications and public affairs manager
  • Media relations officer
  • Corporate relations officer
  • Marketing communications manager
  • Marketing consultant
  • Advertising account manager
  • Product manager

(Source: CB Alumni Network)

Seventy-five per cent of Creative Business graduates find employment within three months. The programme’s flexibility and variety are reflected in the wide range of organisations in which these graduates build their careers, from multinational businesses in the Netherlands and abroad to their own start-up companies.

What salary can you expect?

Salaries are highly dependent on a variety of factors, so individual experiences will differ. However, multinational companies typically offer higher-than-average pay rates and our internationally-minded graduates are in considerable demand in this sector. As a result, the current average gross starting salary for CB graduates is approximately €24,000 per year.

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