Accommodation for Exchange, Master, and Non-EEA degree students

The application consists of several steps, which you can find described on the website of SSH Short Stay. The number of reserved accommodation is limited, and the sooner you apply, the better your chances of finding accommodation.

We therefore advise students to apply before:

  • The 1st of June (1st/Fall semester or full academic year)
  • The 1st of December (2nd/Spring semester)

Housing can only be rented for a fixed period of 5, 10 or 12 months. Rental fees are between € 350,- and € 650,- per month, and include electricity, water, heating, furniture, services, household insurance, taxes, cooking utensils and cleaning material.

Bed linen can be purchased from the rental office upon arrival (if needed). You are responsible for cleaning your own accommodation during your stay. A registration fee of € 175,-* is required. You will also need to pay the first month’s and last month’s rent in advance. These amounts are non-refundable. Please note you have to pay the registration fee and rent directly to SSH. As soon as SSH Short Stay has received these payments, your reservation becomes definite.

Rooms are available from the start of the semester/academic year. You need to agree with the terms and conditions of intermediary services as stated on the Short Stay website. Please read these conditions very carefully so you understand what the conditions are before you agree.

How to apply

1. Register
First you will have to register. Go to the homepage and go to REGISTER. Fill in your personal information. The yellow boxes are obligatory. You will have to fill in an account name. Short Stay will send a confirmation of your registration via e-mail.

2. Approval
HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht must approve your application. As soon as you are accepted as an exchange student, the International Office will approve your housing application. Housing applications will be approved of once a week (Mondays) for Fall semester as from May 1 and for Spring semester as from November 1. Short Stay will send you an e-mail with a password that informs you that you can start looking for a room in our offer.

3. Log on
Fill in the username and password that you have received to log on to your account. You will now see all your personal information.

Changing your registration

To edit your personal information, or the period for which you are looking for accommodation, log on to your account. On this page you can edit your personal data. On this page you can also change the rental period. If you change your rental period, the HU has to approve your application again.

Cancelling accommodation before arrival

Cancellation or reduction after commencement of the rent period is not permitted, except for cases provided for by Article 3.2 of the terms and conditions. The student is responsible for the payment of the entire rental period.

More information

For more information such as step-by-step application instructions, rental terms and conditions, visit the SSH Short Stay website.

More Information

Check the FAQ or contact us.

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