Cleo Sardelis - Student International Communication and Media

I went for ICM for various reasons. My search for university programmes was initially narrowed down by the fact that I wanted to move to the Netherlands, and Utrecht specifically. Also, being an International student, my options were further limited to International programmes in the city/area. I had a hunch (as in the beginning you mainly have your instinct to rely on, as well as some generic information on websites) that Communication would be a field I would enjoy and could prosper in. Thankfully, I was right and so this has worked out pretty well for me – ICM was the right choice.

Cleo SardelisI think that, as a programme, it establishes a good balance between theory and practice, which I find very stimulating as it helps me get in touch with different sides of myself academically and professionally. Also, the field of Communication and Media is a fairly broad one. It entails a variety of sub-fields, subjects and activities - from Marketing, to purely theoretical Communication, to working with Photoshop or creating a website. I find it hard to get bored and intend to use my well-rounded knowledge wherever I go.

In the 3rd year you need to complete a minor, which I find is a great opportunity to further explore areas of (personal) interest. It is very rewarding, as you literally get to pick a set of courses entirely based on the fact that you want to know more about the subjects.

The internship, also to be completed in the 3rd year, adds a touch of reality to things. That’s when you really find out what’s going on out there in the market and, hopefully, your accumulated knowledge will help you get by (to some extent at least). It definitely is an important experience.

Then there is the option to go abroad for either your minor or your internship (well, it is mandatory for Dutch students). Not to sound cliché, but following an International programme, you are presumably keen on experiencing new places and ways of living. The programme itself encourages you to go off and do so. Isn’t that brilliant?

Just to build upon my previous point, being enrolled in this programme you should also enjoy the International atmosphere that comes with. I’ve made friends from several different countries, which is really exciting.

I can only point out that these are what I find to be the main advantages of ICM, so any prospective student to whom this sounds appealing should go for it.

I’m not sure I can pick one out of the vast pool of courses that I’ve taken throughout the entire programme (I’m almost done, so I’ve already taken everything there is to take…). I’ve learnt so much from so many different subjects. One that most certainly stood out, however, is the Ethics course I took last period. It’s just so different from any other course that’s offered in ICM and it’s purely there to kindle your critical thinking. I literally felt my brain expand and eyes widen, it was fascinating.

ICM has made it clear to me that this is the field I’m going to end up in, one way or the other, though I’m mainly interested in Corporate Communication. After a Master’s and enough work experience, I currently aspire (as plans can change) to run my own Communication consultancy one day.

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