Dragos Badau

International Business and Management Studies (Top class)

"IBMS provides real-life work experience"

Dragos Badou‘In this study programme you are required to conduct research or draw a marketing plan for real-life companies. So the pressure is on…  But it also provides real-life work experience. It is one of the things I really like about the programme: its practical focus on what goes on in the world of business.
The extra courses in the Top Class programme are an excellent preparation for a master – but also a great opportunity to get to know and work with other highly motivated students.
I like the flexibility of the programme as well. It can be adapted to whatever you are passionate about. The bottom line is: HU helps students to be proactive and supports them when it’s time to make decisions. As for me, I am
still thinking about what to do next, but I’ll probably pursue a master degree.’