Cherish Liu

Cherish Liu

International Communication and Media

"In the Netherlands you learn from group work".

“I decided to sign up for International Communication and Media (ICM) because of the international environment".I was not disappointed, there are students from all over the world with diverse cultural backgrounds, follow it alongside with Dutch students. Moreover, the study itself is very broad and it allows you to explore what you like doing most. And further develop your professional skills in the desired direction.

The academic approach of combining theory and practice is one of the backbones of HU, because if you just study from a book, you cannot apply the obtained knowledge in real life that easily. I already work in a company and there I can apply the theory that I learned in the marketing course.

The difference between the higher education in the Netherlands and in China comes down to group work. In China we do everything individually, whereas in Dutch universities it is more about group projects. While working with your fellow students on the same assignment, you sometimes face problems that you need to solve. This way I obtain professional skills that will come handy in my future job.

After graduation I would like a career within the marketing and communications field. I would imagine myself being a marketing specialist assisting Dutch companies with the contact with Chinese markets.

Finally, I would like to advise prospect Chinese students to come here with an open heart and mix up with international students, since this is how you gain new experiences! Also it is a good idea to learn a little bit of Dutch, because then it is easier to find your way around".